вторник, 15 февраля 2011 г.


I proved the theory that many people are inclined to homosexuality and that everyone NATURAL really wants to subconsciously deal with gay sex.
I took a drive Glaykoro scale and take it apart on the basic human instinct proved. Total:
x = x0 (x0 + y0) m2 + (w02 - z02) mn - y0 (w0 - z0) n2

y = y0 (x0 + y0) m2 - (w02 - z02) mn - x0 (w0 - z0) n2

z = z0 (x0 + y0) m2 - (y02 - x02) mn + w0 (w0 - z0) n2

w = w0 (x0 + y0) m2 - (y02 - x02) mn + z0 (w0 - z0) n2

from what I have deduced that sexual orientation in all cases be bisexual.
from what I have implemented a perfect formula for sexual orientation:
> With (numtheory): a: = 13; b: = 36; r: = 1; x: = bb / a * ((r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a) + r / a; y: = a-(r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a;

From which I could deduce only that 1 person out of 30 consciously aware and not afraid of what it entails for individuals of the same sex:
>> R: =- 1; x: = bb / a * ((r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a) + r / a; y: = a-(r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a; And 11 out of 30 people can not have sex with a woman because they are homosexuals, who consider themselves straight.

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  1. All people are bisexual since birth. So in your theory makes sense.

  2. I haven't understood anything. Use mathcad or at least MS Word redactor of formulas.

  3. Well, originally every fetus is female, later taking on the male form, so I guess it's not always done completely. Or maybe retaining a degree of femininity is a part of typical male variety.