среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

"Teletubbies" doing under a cocaine

Handbook of British children's edition of BBC television and radio encouraged the use of cocaine by their employees. In an interview with Daily Mail said Sarah Graham - a former TV producer Children's BBC, known in Russia as a producer of the famous Teletubbies.

According to Graham, most of the children's TV shows on the channel were the product of narcotic fantasies of their creators. She argues that the leadership knew about the practice of drug abuse in the workplace, but not only did not prohibit it, but encouraged by paying premiums for "thinking outside the box."

Graham said that his colleagues asked her to try cocaine for the first working day at the new location, after which it became a commonplace, along with the use of crack cocaine and heroin.

"The fact that elsewhere would be perceived as inappropriate behavior, the BBC is seen as a creative genius and unique" - Daily Mail leads the words of Sarah Graham.

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