среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

"Teletubbies" doing under a cocaine

Handbook of British children's edition of BBC television and radio encouraged the use of cocaine by their employees. In an interview with Daily Mail said Sarah Graham - a former TV producer Children's BBC, known in Russia as a producer of the famous Teletubbies.

According to Graham, most of the children's TV shows on the channel were the product of narcotic fantasies of their creators. She argues that the leadership knew about the practice of drug abuse in the workplace, but not only did not prohibit it, but encouraged by paying premiums for "thinking outside the box."

Graham said that his colleagues asked her to try cocaine for the first working day at the new location, after which it became a commonplace, along with the use of crack cocaine and heroin.

"The fact that elsewhere would be perceived as inappropriate behavior, the BBC is seen as a creative genius and unique" - Daily Mail leads the words of Sarah Graham.

вторник, 15 февраля 2011 г.


I proved the theory that many people are inclined to homosexuality and that everyone NATURAL really wants to subconsciously deal with gay sex.
I took a drive Glaykoro scale and take it apart on the basic human instinct proved. Total:
x = x0 (x0 + y0) m2 + (w02 - z02) mn - y0 (w0 - z0) n2

y = y0 (x0 + y0) m2 - (w02 - z02) mn - x0 (w0 - z0) n2

z = z0 (x0 + y0) m2 - (y02 - x02) mn + w0 (w0 - z0) n2

w = w0 (x0 + y0) m2 - (y02 - x02) mn + z0 (w0 - z0) n2

from what I have deduced that sexual orientation in all cases be bisexual.
from what I have implemented a perfect formula for sexual orientation:
> With (numtheory): a: = 13; b: = 36; r: = 1; x: = bb / a * ((r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a) + r / a; y: = a-(r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a;

From which I could deduce only that 1 person out of 30 consciously aware and not afraid of what it entails for individuals of the same sex:
>> R: =- 1; x: = bb / a * ((r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a) + r / a; y: = a-(r * (b mod a) ^ (phi (a) -1)) mod a; And 11 out of 30 people can not have sex with a woman because they are homosexuals, who consider themselves straight.

воскресенье, 13 февраля 2011 г.

An interesting observation.

Cell. In her five monkeys. The ceiling tied up a bunch of bananas. Under these stairs. Hungry, one of the monkeys went up the stairs with clear intentions to get a banana. As soon as she touched the stairs, you open the faucet and hose watering with all monkeys with very cold water. Goes a little time, and another monkey tries to eat a banana. The same actions on your part.
Water cut off.
The third monkey, stupor of hunger is trying to get a banana, but the other grabbed her, not wanting a cold shower. Now, remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new monkey. She immediately noticed bananas, trying to get them. To my horror, she saw the evil of the muzzle the other monkeys attack her. After the third attempt, she realized that to get a banana it will not do. Now remove from the cell has one of the original five monkeys and a brand new start there. As soon as she tried to get a banana, all the monkeys attacked her together, and both the one that replaced the first (and even with enthusiasm).
And so, gradually replacing all the monkeys, you will come to a situation where the cell will be five monkeys, which water does not watered, but that will not allow anyone to get a banana.

Valentine's Day

Well, tomorrow, Valentine's Day. And I would like to tell why I was disgusted with James this holiday.
When I was in second grade or third grade (I forgot already) and I recently moved to a new school, with me in the beginning no one spoke (and then also not very), lol. Well: it's 14 th of February, and I have a!!1 valentine.
So, I understood from what a girl, as gave all hands.
But these words I remember all my life. Word of the innocent second-form girl, who bestowed me with this card:
"I told you I give a valentine just because my mom made!"

After that, I hate this day. Her valentine, I then threw it in the trash. After Valentine gave me again, while I have always trembled with hatred and threw them into the trash.

суббота, 12 февраля 2011 г.

The Darwin Awards among the greats

These famous people would get the Darwin Awards for the most stupid death, but in those days, the prize is not handed over.

Lived XVI century astronomer Tycho Brahe, whose research helped Sir Isaac Newton to create a theory of universal gravitation, died due to the fact that time has not visited the toilet. It is time to get up from the table before the feast is equivalent to inflict grievous insult to the owner of the house. Being a man of courteous, Braga did not dare to leave the table. His bladder burst, and 11 days of torment, an astronomer died.

Influential statesman and philosopher of XVI century Francis Bacon had the idea that, to preserve the meat can be used instead of salt snow, and he tried to test his theory. He died due to the fact that snow vypotroshennuyu stuffed chicken. The experiment chicken and not frozen, but frozen Bacon himself.

One of the XVII century composer Jean-Baptiste Lully, who wrote the music commissioned by the French king, died from an excess of devotion. He got excited because, during a rehearsal of the next concert that banging his cane on the floor, broke his own leg and died from blood poisoning.

The famous magician Harry Houdini allow people hit in the stomach, demonstrating the wonders of impenetrable press. Once a regular fan punched him, died in hospital from internal injuries.

Bestselling author of "The Complete Book of the race, which made the jogging craze 70 years, Jim Fix, died of a heart attack while jogging.

 Standing in a bath filled with water and trying to change a light bulb, a French singer Claude Francois died of electric shock.

Famous detective Allan Pinkerton tripped on the sidewalk and bit his tongue. Died of gangrene.

Twelfth United States President Zachary Taylor, after the ceremony in a particularly hot day, July 4, 1850, ate too much ice cream, became ill from indigestion and died five days later, having been presidents of only 16 months.

"Father" of the famous whiskey «Jack Daniel's» Jack Daniel broke his toe by kicking his safe, which had forgotten the combination. Later after the injury he died from blood poisoning.


Watching his drunken donkey trying to eat figs, the Greek philosopher Chrysippus died of laughter.

The most unusual alcoholic drinks of the world

Mescal (Mezcal), Mexico.
In this drink from fermented juice of the agave adds "worm" - the weevil larva or caterpillar. When tasting the drink be careful - the "worm" can cause hallucinations. Mescal can try the bars around the world.

Beer, pizza (Pizza Beer), USA.
As is clear from the title, combined in one bottle beer and pizza. To create this beer malt add garlic, oregano, tomatoes, beer and pizza bazilik.Nayti can be in the shops and restaurants in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Wine of the snake (Snake Bile Wine), Vietnam.
 To make this wine bile from the gallbladder live cobra mixed with rice wine. Traditionally, the resulting green-black mixture served as an aperitif to the dishes prepared from the rest of the snake. This drink is very useful for zdorovya.Nayti wine from snakes are available at restaurants across Vietnam.

 Vodka O2 (O2 Sparkling Vodka), United Kingdom.
Made from a mixture of wheat and malt barley, Vodka O2 is distilled several times and filtered in a special copper vat, after which it gaziruyut of secret technology. The result is a vodka effervescent.

Chicha, Peru.
Used even in the rituals and celebrations of the Incas, chicha, and today is preparing the traditional way: the women chew the corn and spitting the flesh into the jar with warm water, where she wanders. The resulting milky-yellow liquid is served in a pumpkin Pilch (pilche). In some regions, it added yucca, bananas and pineapples. Find chicha can be Chicheri (chicherias) in Cuzco and Lima. Likewise it can be enjoyed in the villages in the Andes. Look for homes with red or white flag over the door - a sign that is sold fresh chicha.

Wine of the lizards (Hejie Jiu), China.
Lizards (geckos usually) placed in a bottle of rice wine or whiskey for the period from 10 days to one year. It is believed that this wine has medicinal properties, curing diseases such as cancer, arthritis, ulcers, etc. Hejie jiu served in a restaurant with exotic cuisine. And also it can be purchased in grocery and gift stores throughout China.
 Yogurito, Japan.
This spicy, yogurt-based liquor can be produced in Holland and bottling in France, but it is sold only in Japan. Yogurito drunk in its pure form, but can also be mixed with orange or pineapple sokom.Nayti yogurito can be in bars, restaurants and shops throughout Japan.

Coffe Beer, Hawaii.
This season, the beer, manufactured and Kona Brewing Company, joined by alcohol and caffeine. Beer is made from 100 per cent of coffee Kona.Kofeynoe beer can be found in the Hawaiian bar.

Kinar (Cynar), Italy.
It is believed that this drug aperitif helps fight stress of modern life, reduces the risk of heart disease. Kinar made from artichokes with the addition of 13 herbs. It should be consumed separately, and can be added to cocktails and pivo.Kinar can be found in bars worldwide.

пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

Advertisement computers in the mid 20th century.

Ok, guys today I tell you about old-advertising for the computers. Oh, those first computers! In those days, when even 16 kilobytes of RAM seemed to be incredibly fast, and 300 megabytes, a full-fledged data warehouse, the presence of PC was a sign of elitism. In general, see photo galleries.