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The most unusual alcoholic drinks of the world

Mescal (Mezcal), Mexico.
In this drink from fermented juice of the agave adds "worm" - the weevil larva or caterpillar. When tasting the drink be careful - the "worm" can cause hallucinations. Mescal can try the bars around the world.

Beer, pizza (Pizza Beer), USA.
As is clear from the title, combined in one bottle beer and pizza. To create this beer malt add garlic, oregano, tomatoes, beer and pizza bazilik.Nayti can be in the shops and restaurants in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Wine of the snake (Snake Bile Wine), Vietnam.
 To make this wine bile from the gallbladder live cobra mixed with rice wine. Traditionally, the resulting green-black mixture served as an aperitif to the dishes prepared from the rest of the snake. This drink is very useful for zdorovya.Nayti wine from snakes are available at restaurants across Vietnam.

 Vodka O2 (O2 Sparkling Vodka), United Kingdom.
Made from a mixture of wheat and malt barley, Vodka O2 is distilled several times and filtered in a special copper vat, after which it gaziruyut of secret technology. The result is a vodka effervescent.

Chicha, Peru.
Used even in the rituals and celebrations of the Incas, chicha, and today is preparing the traditional way: the women chew the corn and spitting the flesh into the jar with warm water, where she wanders. The resulting milky-yellow liquid is served in a pumpkin Pilch (pilche). In some regions, it added yucca, bananas and pineapples. Find chicha can be Chicheri (chicherias) in Cuzco and Lima. Likewise it can be enjoyed in the villages in the Andes. Look for homes with red or white flag over the door - a sign that is sold fresh chicha.

Wine of the lizards (Hejie Jiu), China.
Lizards (geckos usually) placed in a bottle of rice wine or whiskey for the period from 10 days to one year. It is believed that this wine has medicinal properties, curing diseases such as cancer, arthritis, ulcers, etc. Hejie jiu served in a restaurant with exotic cuisine. And also it can be purchased in grocery and gift stores throughout China.
 Yogurito, Japan.
This spicy, yogurt-based liquor can be produced in Holland and bottling in France, but it is sold only in Japan. Yogurito drunk in its pure form, but can also be mixed with orange or pineapple sokom.Nayti yogurito can be in bars, restaurants and shops throughout Japan.

Coffe Beer, Hawaii.
This season, the beer, manufactured and Kona Brewing Company, joined by alcohol and caffeine. Beer is made from 100 per cent of coffee Kona.Kofeynoe beer can be found in the Hawaiian bar.

Kinar (Cynar), Italy.
It is believed that this drug aperitif helps fight stress of modern life, reduces the risk of heart disease. Kinar made from artichokes with the addition of 13 herbs. It should be consumed separately, and can be added to cocktails and pivo.Kinar can be found in bars worldwide.

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